Fiberboard Refiner Plates

J&L Fiber Services’ refiner plates improve fiber quality and reduce energy costs in fiberboard applications. Higher quality at lower prices is what we deliver in our fiberboard refiner plates.

For your fiberboard refiner plate needs, Bidirectional, Unidirectional and FiberPro plate designs can be customized to include our Venturi and ProGuard features to increase refiner efficiency and fiber quality.

fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates
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Bidirectional Plate Design

  • Excellent fiber quality
  • Pumping and holdback interaction
  • Reversible for longer plate life
  • Higher specific energy required
fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates, bidirectional plate design
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Unidirectional Plate Design

  • Good fiber quality
  • Enables higher throughput
  • Improved refiner stability
  • Lower specific energy required
fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates
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FiberPro Plate Design

  • Excellent fiber quality
  • Can be utilized for all raw materials
  • Many different patterns available
  • New designs can be tailored based on specific needs
  • Lower specific energy required
  • Venturi inlet
  • ProGuard dam configuration
fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates
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fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates
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Lower Specific Energy Design for Good Fiber Quality

The Venturi design principle enables a proprietary bar and groove configuration that creates a turbulent flow of steam to delicately break down chips and gently treat separated fibers. The design is especially unique because it enables lower specific energy consumption and optimized fiber characteristics simultaneously.

Venturi Features

  • Simultaneously changing bar, groove and depth dimensions
  • Curved bar edges for longer cutting edge length
  • Steeper angle pattern design
  • Bar and groove shape creates strong, non-breakable refining bars

Venturi Benefits

  • Lower specific energy requirements for excellent fiber quality
  • More gentle disintegration of chips and fiber bundles results in longer fibers with less shives and a lower amount of fines
  • High turbulence of steam and fiber flow in the grooves eliminates plugging and minimizes carbon and pitch build-up
  • Longer plate life due to improved utilization of refining surface
  • Suitable for all raw materials


Optimized Surface Dam Layout for Lower Shive Content

The ProGuard design principle introduces a customized surface dam layout to
safeguard final fiber quality from shives. This unique dam layout features a
variable amount of surface dams depending on final product requirements
and bar angles used.

ProGuard Features

  • Strategically located surface dams at outer periphery to improve deshiving efficiency
  • Surface dam density can vary based on fiber quality targets
  • Sloped dam style for improved flow characteristics

ProGuard Benefits

  • Number of surface dams is optimized for required fiber quality at lowest possible specific energy consumption
  • The customized dam density and configuration prevent fiber bundles from getting through unrefined
  • “Holdback” dam layout eliminates large and thick shives from final fiber
    mix or pulp
fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates

Why Use J&L Fiber Services Alloys for your Fiberboard Needs?

Designed to meet your wear resistance and bar strength requirements, J&L Fiber Services’ alloys empower you with an important process control tool for your refining operations. Our alloys help create plates that can maintain sharp bar edges and enable a superior edge condition throughout the life of the plate. Also, our alloys make it possible to maintain critical plate dimensions for a longer time.

This means improved fiber quality, reduced energy cost, longer plate life and less maintenance downtime.

We have the broadest alloy selection in the industry—with over 50 available. In fact, as other companies decrease their roster of alloys we are continually expanding ours. When looking to match alloys to your specific applications, consider the following benefits of our flagship products:

refiner plates, fiberboard refiner plates, mdf refiner plates, refiner plate alloys


One of our mainstay alloys, it is known for higher hardness and wear resistance.

Heat treated alloy providing a combination of wear and breakage resistance properties that can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

Premium white iron alloy with higher chrome and a greater carbide content for more abrasive and erosive environments.


Ultra-high chrome alloy with 45% carbide and heat-treated up to 64Rc for exceptional wear and erosion resistance.

Heat-treated version of the JL60 offering higher wear resistance for abrasive environments.

A specialty high chrome white iron alloy with 50% carbide volume, heat-treated up to 65Rc for the ultimate level of abrasive wear resistance and erosion resistance.