Research & Development

Looking for continuous improvement in life, throughput, efficiency, and energy usage from your refiner fillings? J&L is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by continually investing in research and development of the most advanced technological refiner plate designs, materials and manufacturing processes.

Our customers form the basis of our intensive R&D program. All new developments are focused on customer requirements. J&L’s extensive inventory of refiner plate designs including Ultra-Bar™, DynaFlo™, The Stabilizer™ Plate [to name only a few], were discovered and designed to help our customers succeed.

Because of our continuous investment in material research, J&L offers the most comprehensive refiner plate alloy selection in the industry with currently over 25 different alloys to ensure maximum plate life. With every new plate comes a list of alloys to help ensure the longest plate life on the market.

J&L also expands its R&D scope to continually invest in new and better manufacturing processes such as J&L’s PowerCast™ Technology, a casted fine bar plate unlike any other fine bar plate available, and ProMax technology that can provide unique hydraulics and fiber development capabilities.

refiner plate designs

We don’t stop there. In addition to the product, material and manufacturing areas, J&L devotes a lot of time and financial resources to develop ways to optimize your system, encompassing  proprietary computer models, field measurements for model verification, and structured trials.

The Primary Drivers of our R & D are:

  • Design Evolution
    • Taller and Finer Bars
  • Plate Life Improvement
    • Greater Wear Resistance
    • Higher Breakage Resistance
  • Refining Efficiency
    • Focus on Edge Retention
      • Self-sharpening Edge
      • Conditioned Edge
refiner plate designs

Partner with a refiner plate supplier that has the same goals you do:

Optimizing your refining process while working to reduce process costs