The main benefits mills expect from J&L Fiber Services refiner plate alloys are:

  • Extended Plate Life
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Fiber Development

The main reason we have been able to deliver on these benefits is because we offer the broadest selection and most proven alloy technology.

For more than 30 years, we have created customized alloys through our patented processes and compositions. We are proud that we offer 50 distinct plate alloys available to our customers, comprised of:

  • 31 Stainless Steel Alloys
  • 16 White Iron Alloys
  • 3 NiHard Alloys

As many as 15 of our stainless steel alloy options are low carbon for low consistency applications.


31 Stainless Steel Alloys including these Flagship [Exclusive to J&L] Alloys:

  • C90
    Noted for its self-sharpening bar edge—C90, with our proprietary surface hardening treatment, maintains sharp bar edges resulting in improved energy efficiency and maximum fiber development throughout the life of the refiner plate. It combines edge retention with high level breakage resistance and develops a conditioned edge over time.
  • C91
    Featuring a high wear resistant, patented stainless steel—C91 enhances the bar surface and edges with evenly dispersed, hard particles. [Wear resistance is obtained through dispersion hardening wherein small, hard particles are embedded in a tough, stainless steel matrix] This leads to greater plate life where abrasion is a problem and stainless steel is required. [20 -30% more wear resistance than C90]
  • C96
    The strongest alloy in the industry—C96 enables J&L to cast the strongest, tallest and finest bars. This increases capacity and plate life without sacrificing refining intensity. It also allows for a 5.0 D/W without breakage.[40% stronger than C90]

C95 and C97 are other alloys exclusive to J&L Fiber Services.

Newly Developed AeroMax Alloys include:


  • MX91
    This is a higher strength version of our C91 for higher D/W.
  • MX 93
    This is a high consistency refiner plate alloy modified for low consistency refining applications—An upgrade to C45
  • MX94
    This is a high consistency refiner plate alloy modified for low consistency refining applications—An upgrade to XLHS
  • MX98
    This is a higher strength version of MX94

Our AeroMax Alloy Family expands your options for higher bar height/bar width [D/W] designs and focuses on increased abrasion resistance at higher D/W ratios.

These alloys are called AeroMax because they are influenced by the aerospace industry where strength and durability are of critical importance. J&L has leveraged the chemistry, processing techniques, thermal and surface treatments, as well as coatings to deliver more alloy options for your low consistency refiner plate applications.

loco aeromax graphs, refiner plate alloys
bend strength, refiner plate alloys

Alloys influence how refiner bars wear and therefore are an important process control tool for refining. Matching the right alloy to your specific application can create significant benefits for your mill. The proper alloy selection helps maintain a sharp bar edge longer and creates a superior edge condition for efficient refining. In addition, optimum plate dimensions can be maintained longer. This means lower plate cost per ton, reduced energy costs and less maintenance downtime.

It has always been J&L’s philosophy to develop refiner plate alloys that meet the needs of specific refining applications instead of supplying a limited number of “all-purpose” alloys. Our alloy development, combined with our ongoing design innovations provides solutions for your refining needs.

Choosing the right alloy will improve your pulp quality, create stronger plates for longer life and generate energy savings at your mill.