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C91: For Low Consistency Applications Requiring Higher Wear Resistance

Your low consistency refining application requires the use of low carbon stainless steels to resist bar breakage, but it can also be a very wear intensive process. What are your options? Options include 17-4PH, J&L's C90 or J&L's C91. The right option may be J&L's C91 which has increased plate life for mills 15 - 33%.

Eliminate Plate Plugging & Reduce Costs with ReverseFlare™ Technology

Are your refiner plates prone to plugging? Do you want to increase plate life, capacity and efficiency? Do you want to reduce energy, plate and maintenance costs?

Energy Savings through Optimized Refining

Energy costs continue to soar making energy reduction the hottest issue in papermaking. An efficient refining system can have a tremendous impact on reducing the electrical energy used. Opportunities for energy savings in refining can be accomplished in many ways, with little or no capital investment.

Extending J&L's Groundbreaking PowerCast™ Technology to Your Refiners

Demanding applications requiring low and medium intensity refining can benefit from greater open area and taller bar heights. PowerCast patterns are the solution for high contaminant furnishes such OCC, NSSC, or high Kappa USWK with high shive levels.

How Much of Your CD Refiner Is Working for You?

You paid for a complete CD refiner, but how much of it is actually working? The answer may surprise you. Whereas, logic would assume a CD with two zones would utilize both, this wasn't always the case in the mills we surveyed. Find out how to make sure your refiner is working up to its ability.

Immediate Success with New CD82 Refiner Plates

Our first CD82 refiner plate trial achieved its quality target immediately due to advanced trial methods used.

Increase Plate Life 30% in Holdback Operation

Recently, a mill wanted to increase plate gap and plate life in their SGW reject position while improving or at least maintaing quality and runnability. To accomplish this goal, a J&L Venturi design with a shallow holdback angle was recommended. The Venturi design produced a 100% bigger plate gap and 30% increased plate life... Plus, it improved runnability and fiberlength.

Increase Plate Life while Maintaining Pulp Quality in OCC Refining

Pulp quality has always been an objective in OCC refining and is a necessary requirement for the pulp being fed to the paper machine. Many plate patterns are designed in an effort to fulfill this objective. Even though some patterns achieve the pulp quality desired, they tend to deliver less than satisfactory plate life. How can a mill increase plate life without sacrificing pulp quality? (ReverseFlare/PowerCast)

J&L Introduces the Ultra-Bar™ with J&L's New PowerCast™ Technology

Building on four decades of experience, J&L redefines refiner plate casting technology with PowerCast™. This new process offers customers of Hardwood, OCC, DIP, and Post Mechanical refining applications a better option for ultra-low intensity fine bar patterns. The Ultra-Bar with PowerCast Technology will maximize life, improve fiber development, and prevent bar bending and breakage in these tough applications at a cost lower than fabricated designs.

J&L Offers Mills Flexibility in Sourcing CD Plate Holders

J&L is the first independent supplier to manufacturer plate holders allowing customers the flexibility to choose quality and service from two different sources. Abitibi-Consolidated, Shawinigan, provides feedback of J&L's first CD plate holder install.

J&L's C90 Alloy, There's No Comparison

Since J&L's C90 introduction in 1989, mills have experienced anywhere from a 25% increase in plate life to over six times their normal life when upgrading to C90.

Let's All Do "The Wave" with J&L's New Venturi Pattern for High Consistency Refining

There's a new game in town and we can't help but raise our hands to spread the excitement. J&L's new damless Venturi pattern is designed with "wavy groove bottoms" and "wavy bars" that significantly improve refining efficiency. Depending on the objectives of your mill, Venturi allows you to improve the quality of your fiber output at a given energy input or lower your energy use while maintaining pulp quality.

Mechanical Pulping: Thinking Outside the Box

Have you ever noticed some of the best ideas are realized by talking with your peers. It serves as a great tool for thinking outside the box. We know from experience, such as J&L's October 2006 Mechanical Pulping Seminar, this is exactly what happens when our customers get together to discuss issues pertinent to their mill.


Mill Experiences of Evacuating Refiner Plates

Evacuating refiner plates makes it possible to control and alter the temperature and pressure profile prevailing in the refining zone. As a consequence the refining conditions can be optimized for higher refining efficiency. At IMPC 2007, J&L presented the results from several full scale mill trials with emphasis on refining efficiency and pulp quality as well as operational issues.


New information on Diagnosing Refiner Plate Failures

J&L has made further developments on diagnosing refiner plate failure modes in thermo-mechanical pulping. To improve your pulping process, it is essential to correctly diagnose the causes leading to plate failure. Only then is it possible to select the proper design and alloy materials for TMP refiner plates.

Refiner Plate Impact on Refiner Vibrations - A TMP Study

Refiner plates impact two of three vibration categories. J&L continues to research and design plate patterns to reduce refiner vibrations. The study we will look at is based on a CD refiner, but plate induced refiner vibrations are applicable to all refiner types.

Refining System Optimization — A Simple Six-Step Process

The refiner is a critical piece of equipment in the paper making process. It is the only piece of equipment in the fiber line that is designed to mechanically enhance the properties of the fiber. Unfortunately, refiners are often neglected and inefficiently operated, negatively impacting quality and paper machine performance. What "goes on" inside the refiner has often been referred to as "Black Magic." Take the "Black Magic" out of refining by applying a simple six-step optimization process. Read more to gain the basic tools for optimizing your refining system.

The Right Bolt Every Time

Eliminate refiner bolt errors, save time, ensure quality and reduce risk with J&L's new Refiner Bolt Program.

See Immediate Improvement in High Consistency Refining with Refiner Plate Modeling (RPM) from J&L

Refiner Plate Modeling reduces energy consumption by 10-15%, increases the success rate of plate trials, shortens the lead-time to an optimal plate pattern, saves time and money, and delivers superior refining results. Read how one mill not only saw improvements right away but reached their objectives immediately.

Systematic Approach to High Consistency Refining

When addressing high consistency refining, mills need to use a systematic process to achieve the highest optimal outcome. The following steps will aid in achieving optimum process conditions, optimum refiner plate design, improved plate life, increased trial success and refiner optimization and efficiency.

Underhung Plate Designs: Potential $100k Energy Savings and Improved Refining Conditions  (Stock Prep Refining)

Underhung plate designs incorporate a smaller effective refining surface which offers the potential for significant energy savings. For some, that could mean potentially $100k a year. They can also be an effective tool for addressing Low Flow applications.




Rest Easy with J&L: J&L Focuses on its Core Competencies

Want to save energy, reduce fiber loss, improve fiber quality, increase capacity, lengthen plate life . . . improve your overall pulping process? With J&L on your side, you can rest easy. Even though J&L has elected to exit the capital refiner business and has sold the principal assets associated with its refiner rebuild and spare parts operation, J&L continues to offer the best products and service to meet your refiner plate needs.


Save Time with J&L Online Capabilities

Time is short. Take advantage of J&L's online capabilities. Instantly generate quotes, place orders and track order status.











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