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Save Energy. Improve Refining Conditions.

An effective tool for low flow applications, the underhung plate designs from J&L Fiber Services incorporate a smaller effective refining surface which offers the following potential benefits.

Energy Savings
Mills could save up to $100,000 using our underhung plates. How? With smaller effective refining diameters, our underhung plates require less "no load" power while still operating at the required level of Specific Energy.

Improved Refiner Conditions
Low Flow conditions typically lead to a higher propensity for plate clashing and inefficient refining. Underhung plates are effective in improving refining conditions in Low Flow applications because of their reduced "refining surface" versus standard plates. The reduced surface means the plates function in a more favorable hydraulic operating window. The result is less potential for plate clashing.

Contact us today to learn more about how underhung plates can benefit your mill. Or "Ask Plato" to challenge our experts with your refiner plate needs.

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