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Continuous Improvement. Custom Solutions.

J&L Fiber Services' continuous improvement approach enables us to optimize and perfect your processes, in order to solve each challenging situation as it arises so you can prepare for the next. This mill analysis approach assures comprehensive application support with the top technology for any mill application. In addition, we offer the broadest selection of alloys and patterns specifically engineered to maximize a mill's results in the stock prep area.

In fact, J&L's "Six Steps of Refining Optimization" helps to identify your mill's most challenging situations and helps create custom solutions resulting in:

  • Increased Plate Life
  • Reduced Plate Breakage
  • Reduced Plate Plugging Problems
  • Improved Pulp Strength or Quality
  • Reduced Sheet Breaks
  • Lower Shive Levels
  • Reduced Fines
  • Lower Furnish Costs
  • Increased Refining Capacity
  • Energy Savings
  • Higher Production Rates
Ultra-Bar Ultra-Bar™
Ultra fine bar patterns using J&L's new PowerCast™ technology that optimize hardwood, OCC and DIP applications
Milled Bar Milled Bar
CNC machined bars and grooves that produce a high precision casting with repeatable, tight tolerances
ReverseFlare™ ReverseFlare™
Anti-plugging technology that addresses stock contaminants
Dammed Pattern Dammed Pattern
A great defibering and shive reduction design that prevents stock from "channeling" through the grooves un-refined
Underhung Underhung
Smaller effective refining surface can be used to improve refining conditions in low flow applications or to achieve significant energy savings
Overhung Overhung
Increased plate diameter increases capacity and bar edge length
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