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J&L Fiber Services' mechanical pulping plate designs and alloys help you harness the production cost of your refiner system so you can best use it to your advantage. They can impact your bottom line by reducing energy requirements, extending plate life, improving pulp quality and increasing refiner efficiency in high consistency paper, MDF and other board applications.

J&L's alloys are specifically designed to solve refiner plate issues including bar edge rounding, cavitation, serration, corrosion and bar breakage. J&L continues to develop alloys that meet your refiner plate needs leading to longer life.

  The Stabilizer™ Plate The Stabilizer™ Plate
Unique engineering results in higher efficiency, energy savings
  Steam Groove Steam Groove
Improved steam evacuation over standard bi-directional plates improves refiner operation
  Delta Groove Delta Groove
Strategically placed steam groove maximizes efficiency
  Alternating Deep Groove Alternating Deep Groove
Patented design provides steam evacuation, improved fiber development and improved bar strength
  Fibrillizer Fibrillizer
Novel design leads to lower intensity refining and improved fiber development
  CD Refiner Fillings CD Refiner Fillings
Conical and flat zone patterns designed to improve CD refiner performance
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The Stabilizer™ Plate
Steam Groove
Delta Groove
Alternating Deep Groove
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