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J&L wants to be a partner in advancing your fiber processing operation.

J&L's experienced fiberline specialists get to know your system from beginning to end. They focus on your process and make constructive recommendations based on techniques and equipment that have been proven effective in processes like yours.

The Process System Audit

J&L starts the partnership with a detailed audit -- a fresh, objective look at your process system. Often, this quickly uncovers issues that are impeding your productivity. This audit may identify the need for simple design changes or system modifications. J&L's experience proves that, very often, audits lead to strategies that result in significant process and productivity improvements without the need for huge capital expenditures.

In addition, J&L brings to the partnership a team of engineers dedicated to developing components that set entirely new standards of system performance and reliability. Our team's goal is to keep your process updated with the most innovative product designs and materials in the industry that deliver superior fiber quality and longer life.

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