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J&L introduces an exceptional technology, PowerCast™. J&L's new PowerCast technology extends its casting capability to produce ultra-low intensity fine bar patterns with taller, ultra fine bars at virtually zero-degree draft angles, delivering an investment grade refiner plate casting.

A new business system is implemented to provide increased flexibility to better serve customers, improve capability to handle international business, and facilitate Y2K readiness.

A year of continued growth. J&L expands its sales and technical coverage model to provide even greater focus on customer process optimization.

A $10 million dollar capital investment in infrastructure increases manufacturing capacity and throughput, and improves production ergonomics and environment.

J&L benefits through the sale of its business from Beloit Corporation to its new and current owner, Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC), worldwide leader in manufacturing of complex metal components and products used in jet aircraft engines. J&L benefits through improved manufacturing and casting technology.

J&L's relationship with PCC provides independence to respond to refining needs of customers, supporting all OEM equipment. J&L maintains flexibility to expand portfolio of products to meet customers' evolving needs.

Growth continues in Latin America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Beloit Corporation, focusing on aftermarket sector of paper industry, acquires J&L from Sullivan Corporation.


Design and technological breakthroughs fuel four-fold growth at Sullivan Corporation in the 80's. J&L's reputation grows for advanced technology and customer satisfaction.

J&L becomes a market leader in North America - with business in Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim growing rapidly.

Mr. Sullivan purchases J&L Plate and Machine Works from its parent company, Cleveland-based Basic Inc. J&L focuses on new designs and customer satisfaction.

Jere Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Corporation, supplies refiner plates to J&L Plate and Machine Works. Sullivan sees an opportunity to serve the replacement market -- to provide improved customer service and innovative product development.
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