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J&L Fiber Services is a world leader in providing innovative optimization solutions for the pulp and paper industry. With a rich company history, we offer the latest technology, in-house expertise, and products and services to enhance and refine your pulp processing processes.

The expertise of our fiberline professionals is recognized worldwide, and our customer support is unmatched. Let us help you optimize your pulp processing system with the most advanced technology in the industry.

We are committed to partnering with you to design and engineer solutions that meet your needs. You will see measurable improvement in your equipment performance.

J&L accomplishes this by:

  • Assessing customer needs and providing solutions
  • Continuing to develop advanced alloys and innovative product designs
  • Precise engineering
  • Focused factory manufacturing
  • Emphasizing the importance of people and teamwork

Experience a Measurable Difference with J&L Fiber Services.

About Us
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